Jewelry Care & Maintenance


Avoid damages

To avoid any damage or harm to your piece, please store your jewelry in the  box you received. The custom foam padding will protect your piece. Weather elements such as humidity, moisture and dust can cause deterioration and damage.

Avoid contact with cosmetics

Hairspray, lotions, and perfumes will cause color changes to the finish on your jewelry. Please avoid contact with these cosmetics by applying before you wear your pieces and use minimal amounts of these where the body comes in contact with the piece.

Beware of water

Beware of water as it undermines the stones in their settings. Jewelry should never be soaked or submerged in water. Remove rings before washing hands and never wear jewelry while bathing or swimming. Should your jewelry get wet, thoroughly dry off before returning to storage. Cleaning agents and polishes should not be used. A soft cotton jewelry cloth is all that is needed to keep your pieces clean and to maintain the luster.

With proper attention and gentle care your Jewelry will remain sparkling, stunning treasures for years to come...

As our grandmother used to say; “Jewelry should be the LAST thing you put on before leaving the house, and the FIRST thing you take off when you return home.”